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Finding a dentist in Tijuana

This website is dedicated to helping find a good, quality dentist in the city of Tijuana. There are such a huge number of clinics, it can be hard to settle on one that you think will do a good job. That is why doing your homework ahead of time and picking a clinic online can be so helpful.

There are literally thousandsof dentists in Tijuana actively practicing. Of these, only a small number are qualified to practice dental implants in Tijuana. Installing dental implants requires years of additional training, not not mention a working knowledge of human physiology. Beware of general dentists that have taken a couple of quick courses that claim they can do dental implants. This is a sensative procedure that requires a very skilled practitioner. Implants placed by an unskilled hand are likely fail, become infected, or fall out within months.


It is important to do you homework before deciding on a clinic to use. We do not recommend simply going to the first clinic that you come across after crossing into Mexico.

We are here to assist you in finding the right clinic and practictioner for you. There are literally thousands of choices our there for you. We have experience and knowledge of the local community. We can help you make the right choice in choosing your dentist.

There are many different cities that boast outstanding dental facilities in Mexico. Two of the hotpots are Tijuana and Cancun. Tijuana is an easier solution, as it is adjecent to the American border, and is very easily accessible. You can fly into San Diego airport, and take a cab over to Mexico. You also have the option of staying overnight in America, rather than having to stay in Tijuana, then return across the border for the completion of your work.

Cancun is futher into the country, but offers much better scenary. You will need to book an international flight to have your dental work done in Cacnun. But on the flipside, you can make your whole trip into a memorable vacation.